Greta Van Fleet

May 12, 2024

North Charleston, SC

North Charleston Coliseum

Review by Joseph Hett

Greta Van Fleet Puts On One Mother Of A Show In North Charleston

Greta Van Fleet stopped in North Charleston, SC at the North Charleston Coliseum on Sunday evening for part of their “Starcatcher World Tour.” These run of arena shows are in support of their latest album titled “Starcatcher.” Greta Van Fleet would go on to put on a legendary performance on Mother’s Day.

Greta Van Fleet members Josh Kiszka (vocals), Jake Kiszka (guitar), Sam Kiszka (bass/keyboards) and Danny Wagner (drums) are instrumental in bringing the classic sound back to modern rock. And they did not disappoint tonight.

The stage was concealed with a curtain as crews worked to get ready for showtime. As soon as an instrumental orchestra started playing through the sound system and the lights dimmed, everyone knew it was show time.

The curtain fell with the four members of Greta Van Fleet standing high at the back of the stage. Josh quipped, “I hear there’s a rock and roll show in the house tonight. So smoke ‘em if you got ‘em…clothing is optional. You Ready? Do it Jakey, do it!” Jake then cranked out the intro to “The Falling Sky.” They kept the show going with the groovy “The Indigo Streak” and riffing “Caravel.”

Jake, armed with an acoustic guitar, sat on a stool at the end of his respective runway for the intro of “Meeting the Master.” Once the song progressed, Jake was handed an electric guitar to finish out the powerful tune. Josh concluded the song with an extended high note – as he did with many of the songs.

After Josh joked about taking off layers of clothes, Danny fired up the drums to start the triumphant “Heat Above.” The flames shooting out onstage put off heat even at a distance.

“Somebody’s got some really nice shit out there tonight…wanna share?,” Josh jokingly said before launching into the all out rocker “Highway Tune.” While Josh greeted the standing room pit, he was gifted sunglasses, hats and a boa to try on during the extended jam. He even finished off a mini-bottle. They then went into “Runway Blues” before closing the song out with a reprise of “Highway Tune.”

Danny then got a chance to perform a monster drum solo as the other members made their way to the B-stage for an acoustic set.

At the mini-stage situated at the rear of the arena, just Josh and Sam performed the standard “Unchained Melody.” Jake and Danny then joined in for a beautiful rendition of “Waited All Your Life.” To close out the acoustic set, they presented a unique version of “Black Smoke Rising.”

On the way back to the main stage, Josh rode a crew member’s shoulders while handing out white roses.

After an extended intro, they revved up “Sacred the Thread.” For “The Archer,” Jake played one of the longest blazing guitar solos in history to close out the main set.

Deafening screams summoned Greta Van Fleet back to the stage for the encore. After the barefooted Sam tickled the ivories for “Rhapsody in Blue,” it was time for the affectionate “Light My Love.” Before the show, volunteers walked through the crowd handing out colored paper for fans to hold in front of their phone light for this song. The mass of lights appeared to resemble the northern lights which were seen earlier this week.

Greta Van Fleet ended the show with their traditional show closer “Farewell for Now.”

It was a Mother’s Day to remember for all in attendance. “The Peaceful Army” was in full force and got their money’s worth from the two hour show. Rock is alive and well as long as Greta Van Fleet is filling up arenas around the world.