Daryl Hall and John Oates
December 12, 2012
North Charleston, SC
North Charleston Performing Arts Center
Concert Review by Joseph Hett

Hall and Oates Energized North Charleston

Daryl Hall and John Oates made their way to North Charleston, SC on Wednesday night at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center as part of the “Do What You Want, Be What You Are” Tour. They brought a high energy performance with a setlist filled with hits for the crowd’s delight.

Hall and Oates and their backing band opened up to a standing ovation with “Out of Touch.” They then went into “Did it in a Minute” and “Say It Isn’t So.”

Early on, it appeared that Hall had trouble with his guitar, and he kept motioning over to the side of the stage at the guitar tech. He kept his composure, and the tech came out during a break and fixed Hall’s setup.

They also featured a couple deeper cuts with Oates on lead vocals with “How Does It Feel to Be Back” and “Las Vegas Turnaround.”

Every time a massive radio hit would start to play, the whole audience would immediately stand and create an eruption.

Hall said that the next song, “She’s Gone,” had been played at every concert they have ever performed. And then with the next song, Hall said the same thing with “Sara Smile.”

An unplanned and humorous moment happened when the cuff zipper of Hall’s jacket got caught on the low E string of his guitar. The same guitar tech immediately ran out and freed Hall.

The longtime saxophone player Charles DeChant really made his presence known during “Maneater,” hitting every single note spot-on.

DeChant then really had his chance to shine during “I Can’t Go For That,” where he had about a five minute sax solo. He slowly paced on the outer edge of the stage and then paced back all while soloing.

They closed out the set and exited the stage, quickly to return for an encore. They came back out, and Hall made his way behind the keyboard and started up “Rich Girl” by saying, “Money, money, money,” while cash rained down on the video screen.

They then played “You Make My Dreams Come True” to close out that encore.

They again left the stage and came back for the second encore. Hall quickly mentioned that his hit web show “Live from Daryl’s House” was now appearing on the cable channel Palladia.

They closed out with the Christmas tune “Jingle Bell Rock,” “Kiss On My List” and “Private Eyes.”

The only negative of the show was the short setlist, knowing they had much more classic material to play.

They proved they still have what it takes to get the crowds going. They still are a must see act since they perform a high energy show filled with the classics.