August 25, 2017

Newberry, SC

Newberry Opera House

Reviewed/Photo by Joseph Hett

Saliva Cranks It Up In Newberry

Saliva made a surprising appearance at the Newberry Opera House on Friday night. Remember, this venue is known for old country/folk/bluegrass music and Elvis impersonators. This made Saliva’s show even more unexpected. This was the first show of the season at the historic Newberry Opera House. The NOH said on their Facebook page, “We wanted to kick off the season with something so different and unexpected that would rock your world!” And that’s exactly what they did.

The older volunteer ushers showed the metalheads to their seats. There was an energetic atmosphere because Saliva is all about hard rock and metal. Saliva finally came out and turned the volume up for “Ladies and Gentleman.” They continued on with the heavy “Superstar” and riffing “Survival Of The Sickest.”Saliva Pic

Silva is anchored by original guitarist Wayne Swinny, longtime drummer Paul Crosby and newer additions vocalist Bobby Amaru and bassist Brad Stewart. Each member contributed to the magnificent display of rock at hand.

Amaru said, “We’re gonna have some fun. This is a very beautiful place you have here.” Amaru kept the crowd engaged all night long. He asked them to put up their devil horns and middle fingers throughout the night.

Saliva featured “Trust” from their newest album (2016) “Love, Lies &Therapy.” They slowed it down for “Rest In Pieces.” Amaru urged everyone to hold up the lights on their cell phones and soak the song in.

Amaru said that it was time to turn up the amps with “Doperide.” They also managed to slip in an interlude of “In The Air Tonight” and “Another Brick In The Wall.” They continued with the covers theme by performing “TNT” and “Whole Lotta Love.”

There was a young boy rocking out in the front row. Amaru saw this and brought him onstage and let him bask in the spotlight. Saliva then played their most popular song, “Click Click Boom,” and the place went crazy. The boy was handed a drumstick as he walked down from the stage. Saliva then finished up the set with “Your Disease”

Saliva must have set a decibel record at the Newberry Opera House when they cranked it up. The place was rocking! It is so nice to see the Newberry Opera House bring in a fresh act. Concerts like this can help shed the opera house of its blue haired image.