Mike Epps Shows That He’s The Real Deal In Augusta

Mike Epps
November 21, 2015
Augusta, GA
Bell Auditorium
Reviewed by Joseph Hett

Mike Epps brought his “Real Deal” Tour to Augusta, GA on Saturday night at the Bell Auditorium. Epps first got his big break by joining the Def Comedy Jam tour in the mid-‘90s. That then blossomed into roles in the “Next Friday” and “The Hangover” movie franchises. Epps’ profile is on the rise. He is set to play Richard Pryor in a biopic. And he is set to star in ABC’s upcoming “Uncle Buck” reboot – along with many more projects past, current and future projects. Henry Welch, Earthquake and a couple of local comics opened the show and got a good response by the crowd.

Epps came out to the “Payback” by hometown hero James Brown. He was hype and ready to create some laughs. He Mike Epps The Real Deal toursaid, “Where the weed at? Throw it up here.” And later jokingly admitted, “That’s how I get my dope at the shows.”

He made fun of people in the crowd and patrons walking in late to the show – a comedy no-no: “G—— Whoopi Goldberg in this b—-.“ “Bobby Womack’s baby mama right there.” He called someone sitting in the crowd Rick Ross and added, “That n—- got a pajama top up under that vest. Cause I got the pants to the m—- f—–.” “These b—— are out of season dressed right here. Their ankles are cold as hell outside.”

Epps said that there were “some sexy ladies in here tonight.” And continued, “I love Augusta, this is an old school town here, s—. You see all those g—— Cadillacs and minivans parked out front? Some old n—– in here tonight.”

Epps continued on the “old” subject for a while by touching on borrowing money from and dating old people.

“Baby mommas are mad at me,” said Epps. Then a lady started yelling in the back. Epps quipped, “Not you b—-. I can’t even see you and know you ain’t my baby mama.” He added, “I would have to take an antibiotic while f—— you.” He immediately mentioned Charlie Sheen, and an “oohh” was heard throughout the auditorium. He questioned, “Too soon?”

As with most comedy shows these days, Bill Cosby was brought up. Epps told a story about his Grandmother thinking Cosby was funnier than he was. He said that his Grandmother once met Cosby, but she can’t remember what happened…

He compared and contrasted borrowing money from black and white girls. He also pointed out apparent inequalities when the law is called out on a domestic dispute: “Whoever gets to the phone first, the other one is going to jail.”

Epps said Caitlyn Jenner needs to get that walk together. He then imitated Jenner by walking up and down the stage like Jenner does. His beef with fellow stand-up comic Katt Williams was also touched on.

“I love the south, there’s some real n—– down here,” he stated as the audience applauded. He spoke about how you can honk the horn at a porch full of strangers, and they all get up and wave. Epps added that southerners make up words that have no meaning like “notta nare nudda.”

He admitted that he was a special ed student in school. He said he was a senior in high school and never switched classes: “You don’t switch classes, you switch books.” He went on a diatribe about classmates in his “special” class, especially a girl who embarrassed him in front of the football players.

Epps spoke about his rough upbringing like going shopping and not being allowed to get anything. And being scared to use food stamps in front of a cute girl at the store, which then turns out she was using them too. He spoke about getting punished: “Some of the best sleep you’re gonna get is after an ass whooping.”

He mentioned that he was from Indiana, and a group in the back yelled out and said they were from Gary. But someone continued to yell something inaudible. He shot back, “Ok, m—– f—- don’t start hollering out. Especially in those five dollar seats back there. You could have paid 10 more dollars then I could have heard you.”

He promoted the after party at a local club – where meet and greets would be happening. Welch and Earthquake came back out with some playful banter with Epps. They closed the show out with more James Brown, and they all exited the stage.

Epps brought his A-game to A-gusta. He showcased that he is one of the best in the game. It was a 55-minute routine, which probably should have went a little longer. He has a great stand-up career along with film and TV. His observational comedy is unique and created many real laughs in Augusta.