WWE Monday Night Raw
May 12, 2014
Greenville, SC
Bon Secours Wellness Arena
Reviewed by Joseph Hett

WWE Monday Night Raw In Greenville, SC

The WWE made their triumphant return to the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC to put on the supershow called Monday Night Raw. This was the first WWE event in Greenville since November. This was sports-entertainment at its finest. The show was a three-hour worldwide television broadcast, seen in the United States on the USA Network.

The television show WWE Superstars was up first with Kofi Kingston vs. Titus O’Neil. Kofi Kingston was kind enough to call into Music Recall Magazine and chat with us last week. It was an action-packed match with each Superstar getting in good shots. Kingston finally hit O’Neil with Trouble in Paradise and pins him for the victory.

The longest running episodic television show was up next, Monday Night Raw. The show starts and the crowd in Greenville goes crazy. We kick off Raw with The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) already in the ring. They were calling for Evolution to come out to confront them. The TitianTron then shows a scene from the arena’s parking garage with a black limo entering. Evolution (Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista) get out, and The Shield goes running towards the back. The Shields shows up and completely dismantles Evolution, leaving them on the ground. Evolution would later respond and get attacked again by The Shield. Batista would then challenge Reigns for a match for the main event.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan came out to tell the crowd some news. The “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chants were started by the capacity crowd. Bryan is in somewhat of a somber mood because he reveled that he is injured and must have neck surgery that Thursday. He says that he will be out of action for awhile but will guarantee a return. Later on, the Demon Kane would lay out Bryan on the entrance ramp in front of Stepanhie McMahon. Bryan is then loaded into an ambulance and rushed off to a local hospital for evaluation.

There was a mega three-man tagteam match up next with John Cena and The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family. The match is a high flying affair. Both teams have great in-ring chemistry with each other. They go back-and-forth until The Usos leap out of the ring onto Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. John Cena then hits the Attitude Adjustment on Erick Rowan for the win. During a promo later in the night, Wyatt challenged Cena to a last man standing match at the next pay-per-view.
The main event is up last with Roman Reigns vs. Batista. And of course The Shield is in Reigns’ corner and Evolution in Batista’s corner. The bell rings, and they go at it. And just as expected the match is called due to interference, and it turns into a brawl with The Shield battling Evolution. Reinforcements – bad guys – are called in from the locker-room, but The Shield beats them down. The Shield stands victorious in the ring as Evolution retreats to the back. And then the show ends.

The only negative is that the WWE must not be allowed to mention the city they are in with smaller markets. “Greenville” was never mentioned throughout the show for some odd reason.

The WWE once again proves that they are the best value in entertainment. With tickets starting out at only $15, you can’t go wrong with a WWE live event.

Here are the results in case you missed the live event or the TV airing.


Kofi Kingston defeated Titus O’Neil
Sin Cara defeated Drew McInyre


Rob Van Dam defeated Jack Swagger
Paige defeated Alicia Fox
John Cena and The Usos defeated The Wyatt Family
Nikki Bella defeated Natalya
Sheamus defeated Curtis Axel
Sheamus defeated Ryback
Dolph Zigger defeated Fandango
Cody Rhodes defeated Damon Sandow
Roman Reigns vs. Batista (DQ)