Music Recall Magazine recently had the chance the speak with Collin Troy de Larrew aka Fugitive Moods. In this exclusive interview, Collin will discuss his influences, start in music and the fantastic single “These Walls.”


MRM: Where are you “calling” from?

FM: I am calling from among the spectacular landscapes of New Mexico. 

MRM: How have you been holding up in these crazy times?

FM: Dang, you’re gonna do me like that to start haha.  Well, I’ve been holding up really well actually.  I think like everybody I have been through some extreme emotions during the pandemic…everything from loving profoundly, to losing my grandmother to Covid, to going stir crazy and feeling like you can’t go anywhere while the world is falling apart around you…I’m still here though.  I would say that one beautiful thing is that I was able to finish this debut album that I’ve been working on for 5 years and I’m happy that the first single “These Walls” is hot off the presses and out now for your listening pleasure.

MRM: What was the first music you bought with your own money?

FM: The Roots album “Do You Want More”…I think…that was a loooooong time ago lol.  Way before they were on The Tonight Show that’s for sure. 

MRM: What was your first concert as a spectator?

FM: The first show I remember was this incredible hip hop duo in Santa Fe, New Mexico called Grande.  I was just a kid and they totally blew my mind.  Otherwise the first bigger concert I went to was The Breeders when their hit single Cannonball was hot in the 90’s.  Damn, that dates me haha.

MRM: Who are your influences?

FM: Esoteric 12″ vinyl records probably had the most influence on me as a musician.  Otherwise, my biggest influence is my mother.  First, she birthed me which is pretty huge…but she also taught me how to dream.  As a single mom she put herself through school all the way to becoming a medical doctor in her 50’s. Never once did she tell me I couldn’t do something. I would say she’s my biggest influence.

MRM: How did you start in the music business?

FM: With no idea what I was doing haha.  Really though, I had no musical training, no money, no clue what any of this was all about.  I just knew I was gonna make music and started.  Believe it or not, my first recordings were done on 4-track tape!

MRM: What can you tell us about the new music you have coming out?

FM: Fugitive Moods is my debut solo project and simply put… the best work of my 20+ years doing music.  I went through the most difficult period of my life a few years ago.  My music career disintegrated, my personal life fell apart and I had to figure everything out all over again.  I had to go inward.  What I found there was transformative and this music is the output of all that.  I had to go through some dark places to be here to share it with you today.  No matter how difficult it was I wouldn’t change anything looking back.

MRM: Do you have any tours coming up?

FM: I am working on a European tour for April/May 2022 to support the album when it’s out, but until then listen to “These Walls” to get a taste of Fugitive Moods.

MRM: Thanks for the interview. Anything else you would like to add?

FM: Yesssssss! If your readers enjoy “These Walls” they can get a free 3 song download in advance of the album release next year.  Just go to and it’s all yours.  Thanks so much.