Artist: Bad Company

Album: Live at Wembley

Label: Eagle Records

Genre: Classic Rock

This CD/DVD is a high definition concert film of Bad Company’s show at the Wembley Arena in London in April 2010. The three original members are together again on the stage for a rare appearance.

Paul Rodgers (vocals), Mick Ralphs (guitarist) and Simon Kirke (drums) are the main players while original bassist Boz Burrell died in 2006 of a heart attack.

They start off with “Can’t Get Enough,” and the crowd erupts to see their hometown band. They then go into “Honey Child” off of the “Run With The Pack” album from 1976.

They even featured “Young Blood,” a cover originally done by the Coasters. And the power cords were brought out for “Gone, Gone, Gone.”

They ended the concert with a string of their massive hits, and their final song was “Deal With The Preacher.”

There is featured bonus interviews with the original members of the band during sound check, the backing band members and some fans outside of the arena.

They played all of their massive radio hits and a few deep cuts. They proved they still have it and are still going strong after all of these years.

DVD and Blu-Ray Track Listing
1) Can’t Get Enough
2) Honey Child
3) Run With The Pack
4) Burnin’ Sky
5) Young Blood
6) Seagull
7) Gone, Gone, Gone
8) Electric Land
9) Simple Man
10) Feel Like Makin’ Love
11) Shooting Star
12) Rock And Roll Fantasy
13) Movin’ On
14) Ready For Love
15) Bad Company
16) Deal With The Preacher

CD Track Listing:
1) Can’t Get Enough
2) Honey Child
3) Run With The Pack
4) Young Blood
5) Seagull
6) Gone, Gone, Gone
7) Electric Land
8) Simple Man
9) Feel Like Makin’ Love
10) Shooting Star
11) Rock And Roll Fantasy
12) Movin’ On
13) Ready For Love
14) Bad Company
15) Deal With The Preacher