Artist: Sister Hazel
Album: Fire
Label: Croakin’ Poet Records
Genre: Alt-Rock/Country


Sister Hazel’s newest EP “Fire” is due out on February 8, 2019. This is the third EP in the collectible compilation series of “Elements” after the well-received EPs of “Water” and “Wind.”

Sister Hazel’s alt-rock sound has continued to evolve to include some county. This album explores all “elements” of their sound. You can tell the country twang really comes into play right off the bat. The core of the EP comes alive starting with the title track of “Fire.” It’s a very catchy tune thanks to the lines of “You’ve been through the fire / And I know you’re tired / But don’t give up yet just keep holding on.” Sister Hazel’s signature harmonies are very noticeable for the upbeat “She’s All You Need.” “Here With You” gets back to Sister Hazel’s basics with an electric guitar solo near the end. The bonus track of “Elements III (Growing Up)” is an all out rocker. The only bad part is that the song is a little over a minute long. It would have made a great full song.

Hazelnuts will be satisfied by this EP. It will be interesting to continue the saga of EPs. More information and pre-order details can be found HERE.

FIRE Track List:

1. “Every Heartbreak” Lyrics & Music by: Jett Beres 2. “On and On” Lyrics & Music by: Ryan Newell, Todd Wright, Mike Meadows 3. “Life and Love” Lyrics and Music by: Ken Block, Trent Summar 4. “Fire” Lyrics and Music by: Andrew Copeland, Michael Logen, Jennifer Hansen 5. “She’s All You Need” Lyrics & Music by: Ryan Newell, Todd Wright 6. “Here With You” Lyrics & Music by: Ken Block, Drew Copeland, Monte Powell, Anna Wilson 7. Elements III (Growing Up) Lyrics & Music: Ken Block