Artist: Ted Nugent
Album: Ultralive Ballisticrock Live
Label: Frontiers
Genre: Classic Rock

This new Ted Nugent release was recorded during the “I Still Believe Tour” at Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe, PA on August 14, 2011. It was originally filmed for HDNet and is now being released in the formats of 2CD/DVD Deluxe Edition, DVD and Blu-Ray.

The lineup consists of Nugent (lead guitar and vocals), Derek St. Holmes (rhythm guitar and vocals), Greg Smith (bass and vocals) and Mick Brown (drums). Nugent reunited with St. Holmes full time in April of that year.

The Motor City Mad Man was in full primal form on every track of this CD/DVD. He showcased his excellent guitar playing skills from simplistic power chords to the finger cramping solos.

The band came out and went straight into “Free For All,” and the hits kept coming. “Wango Tango” included the “Cool Jerk” and a guest appearance by the dancing Zumba Girls.

Smith got a rare chance to be on lead vocals for the blazing tune “Need You Bad,” originally off of the 1978 album “Weekend Warriors.” Throughout the concert, Nugent calls his band the Nigerian Rebels.

Nugent kept the patriotic theme going all night long. One new song was featured, “I Still Believe,” which is about believing in the American dream.

As with every Nugent show, he mentioned guns, politics and hunting throughout the concert.

The spiritual “Fred Bear” had a special meaning since they were performing in the legendary outdoorsman’s home state of Pennsylvania.

They ended the concert with Nugent’s most popular songs, “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Stranglehold.” The encore was “Great White Buffalo,” where Nugent wore a headdress and shot an arrow at the back of his guitar. The show ended with the band raising the American flag in the middle of the stage, a recreation of the famous Iwo Jima scene.

Nugent constantly pumps up the crowd, and he creates a great energetic atmosphere. There was not a dull moment, no filler, even the deeper cuts were entertaining. This is a must have if you love live upbeat rock and rock music to the max.

Disc One
1. Free For All
2. Stormtroopin’
3. Wango Tango
4. Just What the Doctor Ordered
5. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
6. Need You Bad
7. Turn It Up
8. Raw Dogs & War Hogs
9. Dog Eat Dog
Disc Two
10. Hey Baby
11. Fred Bear
12. I Still Believe*
13. Motorcity Madhouse
14. Cat Scratch Fever
15. Stranglehold
16. Great White Buffalo
*First time available on an album (previously only available as a digital download)
DVD/Blu-Ray Bonus Footage includes Spirit of the Wild and The Making of ULTRALIVE BALLISTICROCK.

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