Artist: JD & The Straight Shot
Album: The Great Divide (release date TBA)
Genre: Americana

JD & The Straight Shot – vocalist/guitarist Jim Dolan, guitarist/vocalist/producer Marc Copely (B.B. King, Rosanne Cash), bassist Byron House (Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton), violinist/fiddler/vocalist Erin Slaver (Martina McBride, Rod Stewart), drummer/percussionist Shawn Pelton (Sheryl Crow, Levon Helm, Saturday Night Live band) and guitarist/vocalist Carolyn Dawn Johnson (Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride) have just released a single called “The Great Divide.” It is from their forthcoming album of the same name.

“The Great Divide” starts off with twangy acoustic guitar picking. JD begins telling us about receiving news in this day and age from all sides of the spectrum. Then the rest of the gang joins in for very catchy parts of the chorus: “The great divide…and everybody’s taking sides” and “The great divide…everyone thinks they’re right.” As with most JD & The Straight Shot songs, Slaver comes in with an elegant violin/fiddle piece. The music video, now available on YouTube, features footage of different recent protests and rallies from all sides. This song points out how divided this country is, and recommends it is better if we all come together.

Hopefully the full album will continue on the high note that the title track set.

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Photographer: Caeser Sebastian

Photographer: Caeser Sebastian