Artist: Snew
Album: Snew Catalog
Label: Maman Music Co.
Genre: Hard/Sleaze Rock
Reviewed by: Joseph Hett

The band Snew got their start in Hollywood, CA back in 2005. They currently have three records out: “Snew You,” “We Do What We Want” and “What’s It To Ya.” These records contain some of the best new meat and potato rock ‘n roll that you will find today. It is “sleaze” rock at its best.

It will take multiple listens to appreciate their musicianship. During the first listen, you will just be head banging. Then, after a few times, you will notice that this is a band comprised of like-minded individuals out to conquer the masses with their unique form of rock. 

Vocalist Curtis Don Vito is like a Bon Scott and Brian Johnson all rolled into one. Guitarist Andy Lux is a riff and solo master. Drummer Mark Ohrenberger is a madman on the drums. The bass player position has been filled by several players over the years: L.A. metal legend Willie Basse played on their newest album, and Lenny Spickle has since taken over.

Most of their songs contain great, catchy riffs. Snew has a classic sound, but it is fresh, new and balls out. If they were around in the ‘70s or ‘80s they would have skyrocketed to massive exposure.

The earlier records are very raw, and the newer records are more polished. This is because they have found a niche following for their type of music: a classic rock sound with modern components.

Like many acts, Snew is known for some of their tongue-in-cheek lyrics – just like with their best song in their catalog – “Pull My Stinger” off of the “What’s It To Ya” album.

They also have a cover out of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star.” It contains a guest appearance by prog legend Allan Holdsworth, who plays one heck of a solo. It really is a great, jamming cover.

If you are new to Snew (no pun intended), then I would suggest listening to “Pull My Stinger,” and then working your way down from there to the rest of their catalog. This really is a great and creative band. If you like to discover new types of music, then I would definitely recommend Snew.

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 “Snew You” Highlights:

Got Love, She’s A Real Gun Slinger, Head Trauma

 “We Do What We Want” Highlights:

We Do What We Want, Risking My Life, Who The Hell Are You

“What’s It To Ya” Highlights”

I Got A Rocket, Pull My Stinger, Clever Girl