Big Time Rush

July 29, 2023

Charleston, SC

Credit One Stadium

Review by Joseph Hett

Big Time Rush Is Captivating in Charleston

Big Time Rush’s opening lines to “Invisible” accurately described what concertgoers felt before the show on Saturday night: “Do you ever wonder / When you listen to the thunder.” Well, hearing thunder along with the rain before an outdoor concert is always alarming. But the storms subsided just in time for a night of quality entertainment from BTR’s “Can’t Get Enough Tour” stop in Charleston, SC at the Credit One Stadium.

Chants of “Big Time Rush…Big Time Rush…Big Time Rush…” filled the stadium as the lights dimmed. Big Time Rush members Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson and Carlos PenaVega appeared onstage to an eruption from the crowd. The screams were deafening by all of the “Rushers” in attendance.

Big Time Rush Can't Get Enough Tour with special guests Max and Jax

The disco-inspired “Can’t Get Enough” – from their new album titled “Another Life” that was released in June – got the crowd pumped up. They kept the high energy going with “Elevate.” The fans sang along to every word to “Song for You.” A laser light show took us to the nearby Atlantic Ocean for the catchy “Waves.” “Weekends” featured a phenomenal guitar solo by Cody Perrin.

Before “All Over Again,” each member picked a side of the stadium (left, right, back, side) to sing to. The intimate acoustic portion of the show also included “Any Kind of Guy” and “Ask You Tonight.”

They returned to the lighted steps for “Forget You Now” and “Love Me Love Me.” For “Paralyzed,” they all went down to the barricade and greeted the fans in the front row and even took a few selfies. After “Nothing Even Matters,” it was time for the one and only “Worldwide.” BTR brought up four young ladies to serenade onstage. One of them was even wearing a helmet – a throwback to PenaVega’s days on BTR’s Nickelodeon show.

After the aforementioned “Invisible,” a music video of “I Just Want To (Party All the Time)” played to give BTR a well-deserved break.

Big Time Rush came back out and “sent us way back” with a string of timeless tunes: “Famous” / “City Is Ours” / “24/Seven” / “Shot in the Dark” / “Big Night.” Big Time Rush even revealed exclusively to the Charleston audience that they will have a Spanglish single called “Suave” coming out August 16.

After band intros, “Confetti Falling” was featured without actual confetti falling like at their other shows – probably due to the weather. They closed the set out with their theme song “Big Time Rush.”

BTR came back for the encore by coming down and circling the floor of the arena during the upbeat “Windows Down.” At this point in the show, heavier rain started to fall again. Some patrons pulled out their raincoats while some just soaked it all in. Big Time Rush closed out the set with the timeless “Boyfriend” and “Til I Forget About You.”

Big Time Rush is back in full force with this summer tour. You could tell that the hiatus they took recharged their batteries. The songs that BTR featured from their new album sounded like instant classics. As long as Big Time Rush is out and about, the “Rushers” will keep coming back!

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