Moon Taxi

August 12, 2023

Augusta, GA

Imperial Theatre

Review by Joseph Hett

Moon Taxi Is Stellar In Augusta

Moon Taxi brought their “Set Yourself Free” Tour to Augusta, GA at the historic Imperial Theatre on Saturday night. Fans of the indie/alternative rock band staked out their spot early since the seated venue was general admission for this event.

Large inflated spheres filled the stage – they would help contribute to Moon Taxi’s signature light show. The backdrop was the “Set Yourself Free” album cover – which this tour is named for. The amazing new album was released on June 9.

Moon Taxi is anchored by Trevor Terndrup (vocals, guitarist), Spencer Thomson (lead guitarist and producer), Wes Bailey (keyboardist), Tommy Putnam (bassist) and Tyler Ritter (drummer).

Moon Taxi walked out and started with the aptly named “Walk Out.” After the instrumental jam, they took us on a journey with the fan favorites “All Day All Night” and “Set Yourself Free.”

A common theme all night was for fans to singalong. This especially happened during “Let the Record Play” with the “nah nah nah” part. The upbeat “Make Your Mind Up” got everyone up with its dance beat. Bailey really got the synthesizer cranked up.

An acoustic guitar was brought out to Terndrup. They then slowed it down for “Run Right Back.” Gold lights shined down on the band as they performed “Heart of Gold” (not the Neil Young song). Thomson got time to shine with an extended guitar solo.

Before “Lay Low,” Terndrup gave a shout-out to patrons in the balcony putting on a homemade light show with their cellphone flashlights.

Terndrup spoke about how Moon Taxi feels at home in Augusta. He noted that they have been playing Augusta for 10 years before launching into “Hometown Heroes.”

Terndrup’s electric guitar was brought back out to him before they cranked out “Girlfriend Is Better.” The cover of the Talking Heads song was very funky and heavy on synthesizer. They then took us on a smooth ride with “River Water.” The crowd sang at the top of their lungs to the catchy tune.

With “Not Too Late,” Bailey snuck in the keyboard riff to Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way It Is.” Putnam even got to have a little bass solo during “Mercury.”

Everyone knew it was time to raise the peace sign up high when “Two High” started.

Ritter was a monster on drums all night. He even got to showcase his skills for an extended drum solo. Ritter even drummed along to the Bee Gees’ “You Should Be Dancing.”

During “Morrocco,” Terndrup got a chance to have a guitar solo to end the epic song. The riffing “Red Hot Lights” closed the main set out. Terndrup tossed his signature fedora to the stage floor and head banged while letting his long mane flow. Moon Taxi then exited the stage.

For the encore, Moon Taxi came back out for “What’s Coming Next” and “Classics.”

Moon Taxi music just keeps getting better and better. They are constantly on the road spreading their unique music. It’s rare that the Imperial Theatre brings in rocking acts. That’s why this Moon Taxi show was such a treat.