Carter Faith

April 22, 2023

Columbia, SC

Township Auditorium

Review by Joseph Hett

Carter Faith Made Many Friends In Columbia

Rising country star Carter Faith stopped in Columbia, SC on Saturday night at the Township Auditorium. Faith is supporting Little Big Town on a run of shows on their Friends of Mine Tour.

Faith was joined onstage by writing partner and acoustic guitar player Tofer Brown. Faith also mentioned that another writing partner, Lauren Hungate, was in the audience.

While Faith was greeting the crowd, she divulged she was a “Carolina girl.” That’s because she is originally from Davidson, North Carolina – just above Charlotte.

For the first song, both Faith and Brown strummed on their acoustic guitars for “Lasso.” Faith quipped that there is a pole dance routine for that song found on YouTube.

Faith featured probably her most well-known song titled “Cowboys & Dreamers.” She noted that it was inspired by the western series “Yellowstone.”

Faith thanked the crowd for being there, “This is literally my dream come true. Thank you for being here.”

Faith mentioned how her grandfather would give her rides to preschool while listening to older music. She would get to choose cassette tapes and frequently picked Linda Ronstadt. And that’s what inspired her to cover the next song, “You’re No Good.”

Faith detailed writing “Greener Pasture” with Brown and Hungate. She then featured the catchy tune.

“The next song is my parents’ least favorite song of mine,” Faith jokingly said. She then let it be known that “Roll Me Another” was about “smoking weed.” Well, 4/20 was a couple days ago!

Faith said that she has been in the studio working on her very first album. She revealed that the song would be out May 5th. She really got in the groove for “Wild.”

“Do I have any Tom Petty fans in the house?,” Faith asked before disclosing she was a huge Tom Petty fan. She then covered her favorite song by him titled “Wildflowers.”

“Loving You Made a Man Out of Me” was dedicated to all of the good men in the audience. She also threw in there that “sh*tty men ain’t sh*t” to the crowd’s delight.

Her last song was about “taking your power back from a breakup” and it was called “Already Crazy.”

Later on during the Little Big Town portion of the show, Little Big Town was very appreciative of Carter Faith. Faith then came out to perform “Wild Horses” with Little Big Town! LBT and Faith all performed the song to perfection.

Carter Faith is a breath of fresh air to country music. Her songs feature diverse subject material and are really relatable. Faith hit all of the notes while singing with power and confidence. Her strong stage presence is really impressive for being such a young age. The future of country music is in good hands.