Garth Brooks w/ Trisha Yearwood

November 19, 2016

Greenville, SC

Bon Secours Wellness Arena

Reviewed by Joseph Hett

Garth Brooks Continues To Roll In Greenville

When a Garth Brooks show rolls into town, you know you are in for a treat. The demand for tickets were so high, additional shows were added for a total of three at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Titled the “Garth Brooks World Tour With Trisha Yearwood,” the stop in Greenville, SC was well worth the wait. Brooks was in rare form for his Saturday night performance.

The cube encasing the stage rose up into the rafters, revealing the main stage. Brooks and his band came out and went into “Man Against Machine” – from his newest album, also titled “Man Against Machine.”

Brooks was very appreciative to the crowd in Greenville. He thanked everyone for welcoming him back after 20 years. They continued with the fan favorites “Rodeo” and “Two Of A Kind, Workin’ On A Full House.”

The whole arena took over and sang “The River.” The arena was lit up by waves of cell phone lights.

Brooks admitted that when people come to concerts, they want to hear the old stuff. Brooks warned that he was going to play his classics with only a few new ones. Later, he also joking said that his guitar is never turned on, and he only has it to cover up his gut.

During “Ain’t Going Down (‘Til The Sun Comes Up),“ Brooks went absolutely berserk. He climbed on the drum sphere and grabbed a camera to film the crowd – all while running around the stage. The drum riser even rose up high and spun above the stage like Tommy Lee at a Motley Crue show.

Before “The Thunder Rolls,” Brooks mentioned that he hoped that this will be the best performance of the song ever for people who came a long way just from that powerful song. The lights dimmed and the thunder could be heard echoing throughout the arena.

During the middle of the set, Trisha Yearwood rose from beneath the stage to perform a duet with her husband, Brooks, with “In Another’s Eyes.” This began Yearwood’s portion of the show. Her set was highlighted by “How Do I Live” and “She’s In Love With The Boy,” which featured a kiss cam.

Brooks returned with “Shameless.” He admitted that the next song was his favorite to play live as he was handed an electric guitar. And he shouted for the mix to be turned up during “Callin’ Baton Rouge.”

They finished the main set with Brooks’ signature songs “Friends In Low Places” and “The Dance.”

Brooks and the band exited the stage for a few minutes and then just Brooks reappeared. He said that this was the request portion of the show. Fans held their signs up trying to get Brooks’ attention.

He played around 10 requests. The highlights had to be the patriotic songs “We Shall Be Free” and “All-American Kid.” (A mother requested this to honor her song that is in the Navy.)

When the band was introduced, it seemed like almost all of the band members have been with Brooks since the beginning. This is a testament to Brooks being loyal to the ones who were with him from the beginning.

Brooks and the band decided to go out in style to close out the over two hour show. They cranked up “Standing Outside The Fire” as flames scorched the projector screen.

It’s amazing to see how Brooks switches between rocking songs and emotional songs. He ran around the unique stage all night long while singing to perfection. Sweat could be seen soaking through his shirt.  You can tell that Brooks has arena rock influences with all of his antics and the stage’s bells and whistles. It can’t be denied that Brooks is the innovator of the arena country show. He still has a massive following and demand to see him live (hence the three nights in the same market).