March 4, 2023

Augusta, GA

Bell Auditorium

Review by Joseph Hett

HARDY Sells Out In Augusta

HARDY brought his much-anticipated “the mockingbird & THE CROW Tour” to Augusta, GA on Saturday night. When this show was originally announced late last year, the Bell Auditorium instantly sold out.

In a rare setup, the floor seats were removed to make way for a general admission standing room only crowd. The GA fans stood in line extra early so they would get the best view.

HARDY chants filled the auditorium as the lights dimmed and Koe Wetzel’s “Creeps” played from tape. HARDY and his band then came out firing on all cylinders with “SOLD OUT.” They continued to keep it heavy with “KILL SH!T TILL I DIE” and “JACK.”

HARDY, while wearing a #69 Atlanta Braves jersey along with his signature hat and glasses, said, “Augusta! My name is HARDY and we’re gonna rock your f*cking face off tonight. So get ready!”

Every song featured the concertgoers singing along to every word while HARDY took it all in.

HARDY featured 13 out of the 17 tracks off of his new “the mockingbird & THE CROW” album. This album has skyrocketed HARDY into superstardom. This seminal album continues to introduce the world to HARDY’s unique rock (hence “THE CROW”) while maintaining his country origins (hence “the mockingbird”).

Before “A ROCK,” HARDY noticed the crowd had their attention diverted toward something going on within the floor area. Come to find out, someone was collecting plastic cups and stacking them to create a towering stack of beer cups.

During “wait in the truck,” Lainey Wilson appeared on the video screen for her vocal parts. HARDY brought out Jameson Rodgers for “red” and the band Blame My Youth for “RADIO SONG.”

Before the main set ending of “THE REDNECK SONG,” HARDY shotgunned a beer then smashed it and threw it in the pit for a huge eruption.

HARDY chants once again echoed in the auditorium as fan were ready for the encore. HARDY then came out for “4X4” and “REDNECKER”

HARDY, also a prolific songwriter for others, even featured a song he helped pen that Blake Shelton released called “God’s Country (Original Cut).”

HARDY closed out the night with the epic “the mockingbird & THE CROW.”

HARDY’s live show is must-see and blows any of his studio recordings out of the water. The future is very bright for HARDY – he will continue to sell out wherever he goes.