JD & The Straight Shot

April 11, 2018

Charlotte, NC

Spectrum Center

Reviewed by Joseph Hett

JD & The Straight Shot Fly High In Charlotte

JD & The Straight Shot came to the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC on Wednesday night on a mission to spread their unique music to a mass audience. Well, that large crowd just so happened to be before the much anticipated Eagles show. Before the JD&TSS show started, the PA system blared classic hits, mostly the Beatles, to get the crowd ready for a night full of classic music.

The arena’s lights dimmed right on time. JD, in a red velvet blazer, came out along with the rest of The Straight Shot. They immediately went into harmonizing for the thumping “Never Alone,” from their newest album, “Good Night And Good Luck.” Erin Slaver plucked the strings on her violin to give the song an exotic sound.

They featured the fast paced “Redemption Train.” The song gave the imagery of an old timey train racing down the 2page_img1tracks while JD and Slaver dueled on verses. This song has the ability to get stuck in your head.

JD, a constant entertainer, said, “Welcome to the Eagles show. Yeahhh, this is the part for all of you people who forgot to set your watches ahead, which explains why you are here an hour early.”

They continued with the mellowing “Moonlight” and the western themed “Perdition.”  “Better Find a Church,” from 2015’s “Ballyhoo!,” was a real finger snapper. As JD put it, it was “a song about remorse, repentance and going to church.”

Another highlight had to be the Celtic sounding song about horse racing called “Run For Me.” JD gallops with the lead vocals, and then the rest of the band blends in throughout. Slaver blazed away on the violin while guitarist Marc Copley got in on the jam session.

JD mentioned, “Can everybody find their seats?” This is because the arena was pitch black dark while patrons were still pouring in trying to locate their seats.

For “Under That Hood,” JD performed a solo with the top of a trash can. You had to see it to believe it.

Standup bass player, Byron House, switched over to a banjo for “Ballad of Jacob Marley.” Drummer Shawn Pelton even pulled out a mandolin for the song. Next up, “Glide” told a tale about being inspired to be happy.

JD made an announcement that the band would be appearing at the merchandise table after their set. “We will autograph anything you like…other than a check.”

They closed the set out with a cover of the Three Dog Night classic “Shambala.” JD & The Straight Shot had all of the elements to perform the song to perfection.

JD & The Straight Shot put on an amazing performance for the fans in Charlotte. Their unique sound was well received. JD really has something special going on.