Jeff and Larry’s Backyard BBQ

September 15, 2017

Charlotte, NC

PNC Music Pavilion

Reviewed by Joseph Hett

Jeff and Larry’s Backyard BBQ Entertains Charlotte

Jeff and Larry’s Backyard BBQ tour came to Charlotte, NC at the PNC Music Pavilion on Friday evening. This event included hours of entertainment including stand-up comedy by Jeff Foxworthy and Larry The Cable Guy and concerts by Foghat and The Marshall Tucker Band. It was the perfect event as a cool breeze entered the amphitheater as the summer season wrapped up.

Larry The Cable Guy could be seen mingling with guests on the right side of the stage before the event started. Foghat came out with Larry as Bryan Bassett, lead guitarist, hit a few riffs while Larry sang “Heyyy, do it now.” Larry later explained that Bassett was the original guitarist for Wild Cherry back in the day, and he always wanted to sing the beginning of “Play That Funky Music.” Foghat then got back into gear with “Fool For The City.”

Foghat was anchored by sole original member drummer Roger Earl. The rest of the band was rounded out by Bassett, singer/guitarist Charlie Huhn and bassist Rodney O’Quinn. Foghat featured a couple of deeper cuts, “Home In My Hand” and “Stone Blue”. The fast paced “Honey Hush” was up next with the entire band keeping the speeding train on the tracks.

An extended and blazing version of the classic “I Just Want To Make Love To You” had everyone on their feet. Foghat closed their set out with “Slow Ride.” Larry The Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy came out with long wigs on to jam with the band.

Jeff Foxworthy came out for his stand-up routine. He had the audience engaged as he told his humorous observational stories. He covered prostate exams, vacationing with his wife, picking up dog waste, lawsuit commercials and parents interfering with child sports. Foxworthy went on to describe things that a person can’t just Google and get the answer to – like a kidney stone. He described in great detail a recent event where he passed a kidney stone. Foghat’s bassist Rodney O’Quinn came out to duel “You might be a redneck” jokes with Foxworthy. They went back and forth until Foxworthy closed with a local inspired joke. “You might be a redneck if your son is named Dale Jr., and your name is not Dale.”

It was now time for Larry The Cable Guy’s set. He came out and said he wanted to get something out of the way. He then let out a loud “Get-R-Done!” Larry then went on to perform a series of redneck inspired witty one-liners. He hit on his experience in a hospital waiting room, nude photo leaks, visiting zoos, getting out of a speeding ticket and eating healthy. He closed out with a series of jokes about being married to a younger woman. Foxworthy came out and spoke about how he first met Larry. Larry then told the story about how he became the voice of Mater in the “Cars” movies.

The Marshall Tucker Band then closed out the show. Doug Gray, lead singer and only original member, came out and sat on a stool. Gray said that he sprained his ankle in the back, and he needed to let the swelling go down. They then played the classic “Heard It In A Love Song.” Next up was “Take The Highway,” where flute player Marcus James Henderson got to sing lead. Gray got bluesy with 1974’s “Desert Skies.”

They continued with “Midnight Promises” and “Hillbilly Band.” Larry The Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy came out for the closing song, “Can’t You See.” Larry did a skit where he tried to play the flute to begin the song. Foxworthy began singing, but his mic was off. His mic was then restored as he finished the first verse.

The Marshall Tucker Band performed a condensed set. This was probably because of Gray’s injury and the fact that the show’s schedule was running over. They omitted a couple of MTB favorites like “Searchin’ For A Rainbow” and “Fire on The Mountain.”

Jeff and Larry’s Backyard BBQ tour was a perfect mix of comedy and music. It was a very entertaining spectacle. Hopefully Jeff and Larry launch more tours to help celebrate summer.