Rodrigo y Gabriela

April 23, 2024

Charleston, SC

Charleston Music Hall

Review/Photos by Joseph Hett

Rodrigo y Gabriela Are Magnificent In Charleston

The legendary Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela made their highly anticipated stop on Tuesday night at the Charleston Music Hall in Charleston, SC. They are on tour supporting their latest album titled “In Between Thoughts…A New World.” They ended up playing all nine tracks from it. This release marks more of an experimental sound versus only acoustic guitars being used.

The stage’s backdrop was the image from the cover of “In Between Thoughts…A New World.” Light bars were position on the stage to provide a light show to go along with their fantastic musicianship.

During the main portion of the set, Rodrigo mainly played an electric guitar. And, as usual, Gabriela was a powerhouse on her acoustic guitar.

Fog billowed out as the lights dimmed indicating it was show time. Rodrigo y Gabriela came out for the riffing “Astrum In Corpore” and jazzy “True Nature.” They then slowed it down with the intro to “The Eye That Catches the Dream,” but things got funky real quick. The distortion was cranked up for “Egoland.”

Gabriela welcomed everyone to the show. She spoke about the writing and recording of the new album during the pandemic. Gabriela then introduced a “new, new” song called “Monster.” The crowd clapped along to the lively “Seeking Unreality.” They then took us on a shredding ride with “The Ride of the Mind.”

Rodrigo noted they have been on tour for two weeks, with four weeks left. He joked that we were catching them at a good time. They then featured the new, yet to be released epic “The Simurgh.” This song even showcased Rodrigo playing slide on a pedal steel guitar.

Gabriela had a chance to perform a solo. She had the effects pedal working overtime while taking us on a mind-expanding journey. It’s amazing to watch Gabriela use her acoustic guitar as a percussive instrument. Rodrigo cranked up “Broken Rage” with all of the electric guitar we could handle.

The only spoken lyric during any song this evening, albeit modulated, happened during “Finding Myself Leads Me to You.” Rodrigo spoke into the mic the title of the song several times.

Rodrigo y Gabriela closed out the main set with the fast-paced “In Between Thoughts…A New World.”

They began the encore with “Dublin.” An acoustic guitar was handed to Rodrigo to help play a string of songs that originally put Rodrigo y Gabriela on the map. They then played “Hanuman,” “Tamacun” and “Diablo rojo” with precision. Rodrigo y Gabriela closed the show with “Descending to Nowhere.”

Rodrigo y Gabriela put on an amazing display of virtuosity. Their music continues to transform from being strictly acoustic to adding electric guitar and electronics. This tour continues through the US, then to Europe, then back to the US later in the year. Rodrigo y Gabriela puts on a must-see performance onstage!