Oak Ridge Boys
April, 19 2012
Newberry, SC
Newberry Opera House
Concert Review by Joseph Hett

The Oak Ridge Boys Are Back…In Newberry

The Oak Ridge Boys were back at the Newberry Opera House on Sunday night. The sold-out crowd erupted when the Boys stepped onto the stage. They immediately went into “The Boys Are Back.” They were as sharp as ever.

You could immediately see the great chemistry between Joe Bonsall, Duane Allen, William Lee Golden and Richard Sterban. This was very evident during their performance of the hits “American Made” and “Y’all Come Back Saloon.”

They also told jokes with the backing band and the fans. One fan even yelled out that one of the songs was “awesome,” but Bonsall jokingly said, “Did that guy say awful?”

Sterban’s deep voice was used extensively during the cover of the White Stripes song “Seven Nation Army.” The Boys’ version could arguably be better than the original.

At one point during the evening, Golden made his way to the side of the stage and touched a fan’s hand, while they were sitting in an orchestra box.

Bonsall revealed that the Boys were recently interviewed for a Glen Campell documentary. They were asked to sing a song to sum up Campell’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease. And they sang “Farther Along” during filming and then again to the crowd in Newberry.

They transitioned into the emotional part of the set with songs like “A Little Talk with Jesus,” “The Shade” and “Before I Die.”

Their four voices blended together to create one great harmonizing tone throughout the night.

They then featured an intimate and very emotional performance by Bonsall, “Sacrifice…For Me.” It was a song about soldiers dying as a sacrifice to the American people. He even pointed out a family in the crowd that recently lost their son in action.

It was winding down to the end of the set, and it was time for the massive hits to be performed. Bonsall revealed that it has been 30 plus years since these songs have come out.

They began with “Elvira” and played it to perfection. Sterban sang the “ba-oom papa oom papa oom papa mow mow” part perfectly. The ecstatic crowd all sang along with him.

The Boys then went into “Bobbie Sue” to close the out the show. They then bowed to a standing ovation.

They featured their earliest classics and selects cuts from their newest album, “It’s Only Natural.”

They did leave out a couple of hits like “Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight” and “Trying to Love Two Women.”

The Boys were true professionals and provided quality entertainment. The Boys always put on a first class show, and the fans will be flocking back next year when the Boys come back to town.