Chelcie Lynn: The Tammy Tour

May 20, 2022

Columbia, SC

The Senate

Review by Joseph Hett

Chelcie Lynn Brings The Tammy Tour To Columbia

Chelcie Lynn brought her much anticipated Tammy Tour to The Senate in Columbia on Friday night. Since the demand to see Lynn was so high – the early show sold out – a later show was added.

Actress, comedian and online personality Lynn developed a wildly successful character named Trailer Trash Tammy in 2014. She has numerous viral videos circulating the web and social media featuring her redneck alter-ego. Lynn was recently named to Variety’s 2021 Top 10 Comics To Watch.

There was some confusion about seating since this venue usually doesn’t have reserved seating shows. But once everyone was settled, it was time to have a good time. The rowdy audience was ready to see Tammy’s self-deprecating and raunchy humor. (While she’s in character, we will refer to Lynn as Tammy.)

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There was an intro video of Tammy growing up as “trailer trash.” It showed Tammy’s journey through life from being a child to her adulthood trials and tribulations. It also featured highlights of her viral videos. The video ended with Tammy saying, “The one thing I’m yet to attempt, the one thing is what I’m here to do tonight is stand up comedy.”

There was an eruption by the crowd when Tammy came out. She was dressed in a blue sleeveless shirt with a picture of wolves on it along with her signature athletic shorts. The first thing Tammy said was, “Something don’t feel right, something’s missing. Y’all have a cigarette?” A couple guys immediately ran up to give Tammy her signature cigarette.

Tammy went on to perform a 50-minute set that included everything that Tammy is known for. She talked about stripping on a telephone pole that caused the neighborhood’s power to go off. Tammy even might have taught Louis C.K. a few bad habits.

Tammy proudly exclaimed that she was “first generation non-methhead.” She spoke about growing up poor with roaches. Tammy believed that she was 1/16th Native American – and that included a hilarious situation involving a DNA test. Her story about getting a massage from a crackhead had many twists and turns.

Tammy featured the patrons in Columbia on her Snapchat story after discussion about the meaning of F.U.P.A. A hilarious moment happened when Tammy gave a shout-out to an “old man” in the audience.

She closed the show with an extended dialogue about an anniversary trip with her recently paroled husband, Darryl. We won’t go into details, but using her words it was a “69+2=71.”

Chelcie Lynn is on a roll with her Tammy character. She is one of the few female (or only one) comedians specializing in redneck humor these days. Chelcie will continue her rise to the top of the comedy world and hopefully out of the trailer park for good!