MRM recently interviewed Malcolm Bruce. Bruce spoke about his father Jack Bruce, the supergroup Cream, the making of Heavenly Cream: An Acoustic Tribute to Creamand future plans. For more information, please visit


MRM: Where are you “calling” from?

Bruce: London UK

MRM: How was it growing up when your father is a rock god?

Bruce: That’s a funny one. I’m sure to some this might be intriguing but it’s just what I happened to experience. I’ve never felt somehow different because of it! I’ve always had a wide range of experiences so I don’t get too caught up in the Rock God Bubble, But yes, it’s in the genes. With a little dose of nurture. But let us not break the fourth wall. Let us maintain the illusion…

MRM: What is something non-musical related that most people don’t know about your father?

Bruce: He would be reading all the time, novels, biographies, newspapers etc. He had a voracious appetite for literature.

MRM: Were you in attendance at those magical Royal Albert Hall shows in 2005?

Bruce: Yes, it was a magical moment, the first night especially, when Eric, Jack and Ginger first walked out onto the stage. I was at Madison Square Garden in NYC as well a few months later. I’m so glad they decided to play together again for those shows, it was a huge success and a testament to them all.

MRM: How did “Heavenly Cream: An Acoustic Tribute to Cream” come about?

Bruce: The project began through discussions between Cream lyricist Pete Brown and Quarto Valley Records, the idea being to make an acoustic record of Cream songs and film the process. Pete and his film partner Mark Waters approached me about being involved, and Rob Cass about producing. From that point we started assembling the musicians and guest singers and matching songs to artists. It’s a process that can take a little while to organise. But I think we got a great lineup for this album.

MRM: How was it working with Rob Cass?

Bruce: Rob is great. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him a few times. He always brings a no nonsense attitude and for these sessions we seemed to make very good use of the time we had. And I’m liking Rob’s mixes on this record a lot.

MRM: How was it recording in the legendary Abbey Road Studios?

Bruce: Abbey Road is always a fun ‘hallowed church of sound’ experience. The atmosphere feels conducive to playing well. I’ve loved it every time I have recorded there. For these sessions we were working in the traditional way, capturing the basic tracks in the room together as a band, with minimal overdubs and fixes. So the usual was getting everyone comfortable in the room, dialling in the sound and a short period of rehearsal. And then a few takes. The standard approach to tracking this kind of music. And a lot of fun to work with the various lineups for each song or group of songs.

MRM: What is the status of the late Pete Brown’s “The Shadow Club” album you played on?

Bruce: I understand it will be out in 2024 on FLATIRON. I think it will be a wonderful and fitting tribute to Pete, there are some wonderful songs and some special guests including Eric Clapton on the title track.

MRM: Just wanted to quickly about about that status of your “Fake Humans and Real Dolls” album slated to come out in 2024?

Bruce: I’m looking forward to getting Fake Humans out next year. It’s coming together. I’m in the middle of it all. More details coming soon!

MRM: I saw where you have a UK tour coming up. Any chance of touring the United States?

Bruce: Yes, I’m working on touring the US with my new band in line with the release next year, I can’t wait to be back…

MRM: Thanks for the interview. Anything else you would like to add?

Bruce: Thanks for your interest in Heavenly Cream and everything else!