Artist: Snew
Song: UR Freaking Me Out
Label: Maman Music Co.
Genre: Hard/Sleaze Rock

The long anticipated new Snew album is finally slated to be released on September 17. “You’ve Got Some Nerve” will be their fourth album. Snew has been progressing to hard rock/sleaze rock dominance since their raw first album “Snew You” (2008).  “We Do What We Want” (2010) was an emerging album to show how diverse their riffs are. 2012’s “What’s It To Ya” was an absolute rocking masterpiece.

Snew recently released a single called “UR Freaking Me Out.” It starts out with HORNS! Just when you thought Snew couldn’t get hornier. Then a down and dirty heavy riff kicks in – as expected from Snew. Frontman Curtis Don Vito takes us on a lyrical journey while Andy Lux lays down a blazing solo. Lenny Spickle keeps the meat and potato cords chugging along with Mark Ohrenberger pounding the heck out of the drums. Snew is BACK!

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